LED Lighting - September 25, 2009

3DZ bringing you the very latest in LED technology for lighting in vehicles, automotive, home, office, architectural design, signs, light boxes, medical and curing applications.

Special LEDs 3DZ capabilities include the production and supply of LEDs ranging in frequency from Ultraviolet 254 nm 255 nm 365nm to 380nm, through to Infrared 720nm to 940nm and many frequencies in between such as 400nm to 410nm and 410nm to 415nm 415 nm Violet.  455nm through 480nm Blue, 495nm through 510nm Cyan , Green 515nm through 535nm, Yellow 585 and 565nm through 596nm, Orange 600nm through 615nm, Red 615nm, 630nm and 633nm, 633 nm through 645nm and 660nm 660 nm in  Round and Oval, Superflux, High Power, SMD and COB (Chip On board) packages. Utilising single and multi chip capabilities and the ability to combine with varying lens types and angles as well as frames and mounting options.

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NEW! Our new Fiber Optic LED Lighting is the perfect solution for accent kitchen lighting and decoration in kitchens, bathrooms and all around the home, office, shop and leisure facilities etc. Gives many perfect bright dots / points (up to 250 using 1mm dia. fibre!) from just a single light source. Linkable and multi-function. Can be used for signs, cars. Literally 1000's of uses. Cluster them or just point them.

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NEW! Our new Acne lamps and bulbs contain 20 Violet (near UV) LEDs, proven in the treatment of Acne.

Our Violet lamps are totally non-invasive and create almost no heat. The treatment does not damage normal tissue and increases the skins own natural anti-bacterial reaction.

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RGB L.E.D Light Bars
NEW! Low cost DMX and Remote control, truly controllable RGB colour LED lighting for all types of application. Our RGB Light bar kits allow you to produce the desired colours you want. Mix them, blend them and create all types of effect such as blending, chasing, flashing, static etc. Using the powerful controller you can edit, combine, store, time and assign different sequences to different buttons, aswell as save and recall them.

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Outdoor LED Lighting
NEW! A range of LED lighting products for outdoor use, including IP65 led border lighting
Ideal for Installation Outdoor or indoor
and suitable for many applications, including Garden/ Landscape lighting / Entertainment and signs ,pubs, clubs and discos etc. Borderline LED tubes Available in Red, Yellow, Blue, Green, White and full colour DMX 512 compatible RGB.

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Light Tubes
LED Light Tubes - 1000mm long PC light tubes. Endless possibilities. perfect for use as accent lighting, concealed coving and skirting lights. Car, automotive and vehicle lighting and modding. Use in kitchen, office or any room for unique accent lighting design hi-lights. Use as an in-direct replacement for fluorescent tubes. L.E.D Light bars have many advantages, including up to 80 percent energy saving. Longer life span. The tubes can be cut to length. Available as tube shells, or complete tube kits.

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Car and Vehicle - LEDs, Bulbs and Lamps
*Our LED vehicle car automotive lamps provide direct replacements for conventional miniature bulbs . Compatible with industry standard light bases of Bayonet BA-15S (1156), BAY-15D (1157). Response time is 100 times faster than conventional bulbs without flicker. *Available in a range of colours. Also light bars and light tubes for vehicle lighting and modding.

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*May not be legal in certain countires on roads or highways. Advice should be sort from appropriate governmental highways authority. 3DZ accepts no liability or responsibility for improprer or illegal use.

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